Street Photography by Darren Lehane
I'm a London based street photographer.

Influenced and inspired by the likes of Garry Winogrand, Jeff Mermelstein, Tony Ray-Jones and Joel Meyerowitz I pursue a purest observational form of street photography. I'm drawn to humour, irony and the slightly surreal in my street photography; moments that transcend the everyday for a fleeting hundredth of a second . My images often pose more questions than give answers.

I shoot stand alone images rather than series or projects. I prefer to go out with no pre-conceived conceptions about what I will shoot. I work almost exclusively in colour and now shoot with 28mm lens, although a lot of the earlier work here will have been predominantly shot on a 35mm lens.

Features, exhibits and accolades:
  • 2008 Finalist Curry's Our Lives Competition
  • 2008 Part of Group Exhibit at The Mall Galleries, London
  • 2008 Work Featured in London Time Out Magazine
  • 2008 Work Featured in JPG Magazine
  • 2009 Featured on Londonist Website
  • 2009 Work Featured In The Guardian Weekend Magazine
  • 2009 Part of Group Exhibit in Los Angeles, USA
  • 2010 Work Featured in The Guardian Weekend Magazine
  • 2011 Work Featured in Amateur Photographer Magazine
  • 2012 Images Used in London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremonies
  • 2013 Work Featured in British Airways Magazine
  • 2016 Winning Finalist on PDN Street 2016 (judged by Colin Westerbeck)
  • 2017 Featured in Olympus Passion Magazine
  • 2018 Featured on Urban Street Diving website
  • 2018 Featured in "Street Photography" book - to be published by Acuity Press
  • 2018 Featured Photographer on ISP Collective Instagram
  • 2018 Featured Photographer on IHSP Instagram

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